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PAWS Meeting Notes

PAWS Meeting Notes thus far until we get email blast updated! Our kids school need parent involvement!!
General Meeting September 7th, 4:45 PM
Vice Principal Stefani Wyant opened the meeting
She shared a vision for PAWS (Parents at Work in Our school)
We need volunteers!
• To volunteer if you plan to be with kids you must have a background check completed.
Shared important things to know:
• They (Armand administration) plan to share on different topics at each PTO meeting including Power School, Absence Policy, Device Policy, Assessments, etc…
Site Council:
• Armand plans to have a representative share notes from the site council meetings with the Parent Club group after they begin having meetings.
• Armand Administration will plan to have Leadership kids on occasion share at PTO meetings to update everyone on what Leadership is doing in the school. Some activities they are responsible for are:
Street Party, Movie Nights, Concession Stand (indoors), Student Store, Dance/activity nights
Upcoming events:
• Street Party
• I ready testing begins September 11th.
WAYS to get involved!
• Pep Club (help students create posters, lead them in cheers, etc…)
• Homework Club (hoping for Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays before school. Supervise students with homework and potentially help if possible, supply encouragement and resources).
• Outside sports concession stand (beautiful and rarely used! Resource for Parent Club to use for fund raising).
• Teacher appreciation and Conference Dinners (will need help with this!)

Will need officers:
• President
• Vice President
• Secretary
• Treasurer
• Point Person for committee/clubs

Next Meeting date:
October 4th at 4PM

PLEASE get ahold of school if you would like to volunteer/help
Contact information:
Main Office 541 667 6200
Like Armand on Facebook and Instagram and look for Armand Paws

Parent Club Officer Meeting on September 18th.
Stefani Wyant, Megan Olsen, Tiah Devin and Holly Starr were present
Was identified quickly to get the club up and running we need a start up fund of $250 for Bank.

Potential items the school needs help with are:
• Robotics program
• Supplies in the classroom
• Field trips for youth
• Various rewards and activities
• Music, etc…

Armand outdoor concessions is rarely used so the Officer meeting attendees mobilized and we now have a concession stand we are working to build and run to be discussed further at October 4th meeting as this is the only fund raising we have determined thus far to build this program.

We will need volunteers to help raise money for our school here!!!

Homework Club Meeting:
Only one parent attended. Tabled for later at our general meeting October 4th.