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September 24th Meeting

September 24th PAWS NOTES

VP Stefani Wyant Provided a brief update on State Data.  Will go into more detail at our next meeting. Hermiston overall was low in math and average in Reading, higher in Science.

Progress Reports coming out soon.

Armand has the lowest rates for attendance in the district:  The school has initiated attendance incentives to encourage kids to come to school consistently!  Consistent attendance is linked to higher success rates overall. Armand is holding ONCE MONTHLY attendance rewards for students who have a 95% or higher attendance record. The following three months  dates and events for this award listed below:

9/28 is an Ice Cream Social

11/2 Harvest Party

12/21 Ugly Sweater Party

WEAR CHOOSE KIND SHIRTS 9/28 for Attendance award day and kick off of Stomp Out Bullying month in October!  

Can order Choose Kind shirts now as well through October 3rd! Will be another Choose Kind shirt wearing day towards the end of October for Stomp Out Bullying month!

VIP Day at Armand is 10/17 PARENTS encouraged to attend this!  Call the office to let them know you are coming! Watch for further advertisements as well!

No School 10/12 and 10/26

Band/Choir Dinner at the concert 10/25.  Please get ahold of Band teacher if you can help with this!  An Armand Mom has graciously offered to help organize this! Dinner will be served before the concert for families at a small fee as a fundraiser for PAWS.  Bringing the Band/Choir together for a family dinner sounds like a fantastic idea!

Paws on TRACK 10/31: Fundraiser for Leadership

Conference Meals on 11/5 and 11/7…Please look for signups on the PAWS facebook page OR email Paws, or find paws on REMIND to help with this!

Paw Pride assembly is 11/8

Noted that ALL elementary concerts will be held at Armand this year between 11/27 and 12/13.  Will be a crazy time for parking with sports happening as well! Be prepared!

Armand is working hard at changing the culture to positive reinforcement!  SO much happening!

10/1 kick off to stomp out bullying day!  All KIDS and PARENTS encouraged to wear BLUE Bullpup shirts (orders in by Thursday 9/27 for only $5) or wear Blue to show your support of NO MORE BULLYING!  October is Stomp Out Bullying month so keep in touch with your youth about this and talk to them about being kind to others at school!


There will be a selfie station where those that wear blue and are in support of NO MORE Bullying can share and take pictures with their friends.  

Also there is an Art/Poster contest for stomping out bullying! Come check out the kids awesome work!  

More Positive enforcement:  

New Paw prints can be redeemed at student store for many cool things!  Students can earn Paw Prints many ways (please ask your student how they earn their paw prints!  It is pretty cool!) You will hear they earn them from three sources:

  1. Teachers hand out Paw Prints for good behavior, kindness, going above and beyond, etc…
  2. Sub Prints will be handed out from substitute teachers for youth in their classes for good behavior, studying, above and beyond, etc…
  3. Pup Bucks come from Leadership students.  These students will look for other students being kind, working hard, helping around the school, participating in spirit days, etc…

If you would like to do something nice for your teachers the office has forms with their names on them! They will be updated soon!  A survey is going out to all teachers to find out what their favorites are! Let's show our teachers we appreciate them as so many of them also go above and beyond!

Hygiene kits!  Please bring to the office any unopened small shampoo’s, conditioners, soaps, deodorants…the counselor and staff are putting together little hygiene gifts for students in need!  

October 15th-17th is Spirit Week! Watch for announcements on Instagram/facebook from students on how they can participate!

Armand Concession stand opens 9/27-end of football season to raise money for PAWS parent club (many things we would like to do to contribute to the school!)  Sign is posted and ready for anyone that can help with this! It is a fun way to be involved with the school! You can even bring your middle school student to help!

Armand PAWS also in the process of organizing a Holiday Bizarre to happen around December 8th! There is a big basketball tourney that weekend as well!  Lunches will be sold, and vendors announcement coming soon!  If you can help with this comment here or message us! We are excited about this!

Next Meeting October 29th at 8:30 AM!  Hope to see you there!